People like me, we love in a voluntary confinement and avoidance to verbalize — so we don’t put our hearts on the line, so we minimize risk. But it is because I loved you so quietly that I often judge and hate myself.

self-portrait in Cagliari, Sardegna (2020)

When I heard about domestic violence, I wasn’t told it wouldn’t be painful. I wasn’t told it could make you feel peace and ease. I wasn’t told you would feel like you can finally trust someone and not be misunderstood. I wasn’t told that it would make you feel like in a world of 7 billion people, you are seen.

Self-portrait (2021)

It was just another weeknight for Jessica. She had finished dinner, and she was getting ready to sit on the couch to watch something, as she always did.


In a world of 15-second stories and reels, sun-kissed skin filters, one-click-away follows, cryptic emoji combo communication — there is something that makes us human.

Self-portrait (2021)

Anniversary Cup of the Portuguese Weightlifting Federation — (9/2019)

self-portrait (2020)

self-portrait (2020)

September 20th, an alternate Mediterranean birthday dive (2020)

Self-portrait, Belmonte (2020)

Juanita (2020)

Jennifer Santos

Research scientist by day, storyteller by night

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